Swimming pools require weekly maintenance. When you come home from a hard day’s work, you want to look out back and see a beautiful shimmering swimming pool. The Pool Guy is not only after making sure that your pool looks inviting, but we also care for its longevity and efficiency. For example, who cares if your car is clean and recently painted if your drive belt is tearing apart and your engine oil hasn’t been changed in 10 years? The same applies to your swimming pool and we acknowledge that.

     Our weekly maintenance does include the average cleaning, but more importantly, it dives even deeper than that. You may not notice these professional attributes, but they are implemented by every one of our trained service technicians. For example, as soon as your Pool Guy arrives before your pool, he has already taken note of your water level and assuring it is not too low before he even begins to net the pool. Also, when emptying your pump basket, our technicians know to inspect your pool equipment in detail. Even the filter pressure is recognized, as each customer’s filter is different and may require additional servicing. If you want the list of the maintenance steps we provide, see below. But keep in mind, with The Pool Guy, our “maintenance” is much more than a bunch of cleaning steps; it’s a passion for excellence.


Maintenance Steps:

Check water level

Net/skim surface of the water

Test water and adjust chemicals accordingly

Brush tiles

Vacuum floor and walls

Brush walls

Empty skimmer basket and pump basket

Inspect equipment